Day 20 – Keeping Close Watch of Cashflow

I have to admit it, I am sucks at managing money. I have been thinking hard about it and finally found a solution to my problem – finance management system / software. I haven’t choose any specific software to use yet but I’m probably going to use Microsoft Money or something else that I can install on my server and manage online. Or probably use both of them.

This will make it easier for me to track my cashflow and manage them better. I find it really troublesome to keep track of money when I have to pay more than 10 freelancers and make sure I have more money so I can start new website projects. I can imagine this is going to increase my productivity and finance management.

I know it’s quite late to start using this type of software. But that’s better than never using them, right? I’ll decide which one to use tonight and continue with my pursue to achieve financial freedom! 🙂



Day 19 – Closing The Deal

I think my 30 day challenge would have been better if I followed the roadmap laid out my the experts. I’ll try to complete the remaining 11 days using my own strategies, to show you what I will achieve after I completed this.

So far I am having problem to close the deal and getting more customers to use my service. I have been getting quotation request from several potential customers but I noticed they were not serious enough. I’ll need to find a better way to close the deal and bringing in positive cashflow!

I’ll continue later.

Day 18 – Getting Organized

I decided to install a project management system to manage my team of writers, link builders, blog commenters to make sure everyone will respond whenever I send them an email. It should make it easier for me to track the progress of jobs being done and speed things up.

I managed to start 2 AdWords campaign just as I planned yesterday and get about 14k impression for my ads. Not bad considering each click cost me RM0.40 to RM0.50, hehe.

I haven’t start PPC campaign for my CPA campaign yet but I’ll do that tonight once I get a response from my Affiliate Manager.

So what else have I done today?

Installed the ReminderFox plugin to keep track of things and remind myself about things that I need to complete.

What else am I going to do today?

Contact potential customers and close one or two deal. Just closed one small project involving dofollow blog comments earlier, but the rate is quite low. Maybe I’ll complete about 2,000 to 3,500 comments and move on to higher paying projects after that.


Day 17 – Found What I Want, But…

I was looking for a popup code that allow me to redirect my website visitors to the CPA offer that I am promoting. It took me several hours of browsing the web and I was so happy when I found the popup code that I want. I tested the code and was so surprised when I saw this message:

“This campaign is no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

I am trying to contact my affiliate manager but he’s not on duty on weekend, so I’ll probably do some keyword research and continue playing around with imacros for firefox. It looks like a cool stuff that can automate a lot of things that needed to be done online. I’ll talk more about that later.

My goal for today: Start 2 AdWords campaign promoting my website and bring in some sales. Not sure if I should put a target but let’s see how much I can make today. Good luck to me!

And oh, Happy Halloween everyone!

Day 16

I should have updated this blog more often but I was so busy with so many things in life and wasn’t able to update this blog as frequent as I promised. I am trying to get back the momentum and post here again so you’ll know what’s going on with me right now.

I have selected 2 CPA offers to promote on Google AdWords. I won’t reveal the exact offer and which company that I am using but both of them are paying $35 – $44 per lead that completed the sign up process.

I am going to target 100 leads per month for both offers, so that will net me about $4k per month. 100 leads per month equals to about 3 to 4 sign up per day. Not that hard when you think that you’re helping 3 to 4 people to solve their problems every day.

I am still looking for  a good popup that can stop my website visitors to think about my offer again for a few seconds and see what they’re about to miss if they don’t grab the offer from my site. Still couldn’t find a good one yet… Anyone have any recommendation?

That’s about it for today. I’ll keep you guys updated again tomorrow.

Day 9 – Progress

The dummy site has been completed and I am finalizing the deal with the customer. I am going to build backlinks for my business site and promote it on online forums.

I hope I can start making at least RM2,000 profit per week next wee as I don’t have much time left.

I am going to start a few CPA marketing campaigns using article marketing and PPC. Will need to start researching a profitable niche. Anyone with experience mind to share their suggestion? 🙂