Day 20 – Keeping Close Watch of Cashflow

I have to admit it, I am sucks at managing money. I have been thinking hard about it and finally found a solution to my problem – finance management system / software. I haven’t choose any specific software to use yet but I’m probably going to use Microsoft Money or something else that I can install on my server and manage online. Or probably use both of them.

This will make it easier for me to track my cashflow and manage them better. I find it really troublesome to keep track of money when I have to pay more than 10 freelancers and make sure I have more money so I can start new website projects. I can imagine this is going to increase my productivity and finance management.

I know it’s quite late to start using this type of software. But that’s better than never using them, right? I’ll decide which one to use tonight and continue with my pursue to achieve financial freedom! 🙂