My Attempt To Create Video For Youtube

A lot of people spend time watching videos on Youtube and I must admit there are several type of videos that I would search on that website.

I was at 1 Borneo last week and there was a lion and dragon dance performance, I was lucky because I brought my digital camera along with me so I decided to take a video and try to cover the performance from several different angle. I would probably been able to create a full and perfect recording if I have several other friends who joined me and cover the recording from a different view… maybe I’ll try that next time.

Anyway, I tried to create a video using the good ‘ol windows movie maker and here’s the video. I’ll try to come up with more videos and improve my skill, who knows what this might lead me to, aye?

p/s: Sorry for the quality, I should to check the resolution setting next time.

Gong Xi Fa Cai. Happy Chinese New Year everyone. I hope it will bring more blessings and a better start for this year to us all.


Australia. To Go Or Not To Go


I have been contemplating with the thoughts of going to Australia for quite some time now. I don’t mind going there even if I have to pick fruits, since the minimum wage is at least $16 Australian Dollar. Mind you, that’s RM51.50 per hour. (1 AUD = RM3.22) Isn’t that something for an aspiring forex trader who has never consistently make a good profit?

I should be there by or before this 15th February if everything goes according to plan.