Starting With My 40 Niche Blogs Per Month

I am going to start with the keyword research and identifying the first 10 set of blogs that need to be created in the next few days. I find that using keyword research tool to be really helpful and cut down the time required to do the research into 10% of what’s needed when it’s done manually.

My plan is to build 40 blogs with 10 unique and search engine optimized articles and get them indexed and receives traffic from the search engines before putting them up for sale.

I will update this blog on daily basis to keep myself on track to get where I want. Wish me luck.


February Already?!

So far I have managed to pay several people already and I hope I can pay everyone else before the end of March.

It’s been 8 months since I wrote that down. I am more determined than ever to achieve my goal this time.

I was distracted with several projects last month and right now I am going to continue with the niche blog project, I will keep 10 of them for myself and the plan is to build another 40 blogs per month for sale. That should bring in at least $6,250 (RM20k) per month.

I’ll update this blog with what’s going on with the niche blogs. So stay tuned. For the record, I have 6 of them so far.

I also found an old blog on friendster. LOL. It’s quite old. I’ll probably update that blog as well. For something more general. You can read that blog here – Chen Chee Kui.