Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon 2012

It’s the 6th day of Chinese New Year and I think most people are already back to work since last Wednesday.

I didn’t actually celebrate the CNY this year, because there are several issues that affected me and my financials (again). But I can feel that everything has started to get better again now. I can feel the aura and positive energy surrounding me.

I quit my day job last month because I do not feel productive with what I am doing there. But I think there’s a blessing in disguise when I worked with the company because that is where I am exposed to the Forex market and decided to meet people who are passionate about it and learn from them. I am lucky because I found a very good mentor who guided me on how to stay profitable in market trend. Some people are charging several thousand dollars to learn the technique! Of course I will not expose the method here on this blog, but if you’re someone who wants to start making a serious income through Forex trading, then you can always email me to find out more.

I find that my life has been resolving around the same issues over and over again. This must come to an end. I have been thinking about several things that I need to do and they must happen this year. I have prepared a to-do-list and several things that I must accomplish this year, let’s call it my new year resolution. I have a habit of reading Chinese horoscope and I think what posted on this site summarize what I should accomplish and avoid clearly.

My new year resolutions:

1. Stay out of bad debts. Most debts are bad anyway. If I can not afford it, I’ll think twice before spending money on them.

2. Pay off all my debts especially those that was from several years ago.

3. Focus more time on Forex trading. I want to be a full time trader before March 2012.

4. Guide new forex traders to use the exact method that I was taught so they can make a profitable forex trading. And of course, it will be free.

I think that’s about it for now. I look forward to a better day ahead.