Year 2013 In Review & Happy New Year 2014

As I look back to year 2013, I see that I have a lot of things that could have done better, but didn’t. Some people would say, it’s easy to say that now that it’s over.

The first few months of my life in 2013 was pretty fucked-up because of the many bad decisions that I made. I was in KK to do a few small projects with an old friend. I would have made a few hundred thousand dollars if things worked according to our plan.

I came back to Miri in April 2013, just in time for the General Election. I came back with a broken heart. The last project that I was working on was a travel project for Sabah tourism package and we have already started with the marketing campaign for the website when Lahad Datu was invaded by pirates.

I spent about 3 months, April to July staying at my parents home before I got a job here. I managed to spend more time with my mom & dad. I think that was the longest period I stayed at home ever since after I finished my studies. I moved out in the last few days of July so I can have a place closer to workplace.

My brothers and I was planning to buy flight tickets for my mom and dad so they can go visit my aunt and uncle in Johor. He was quite happy about it. I never thought my dad would leave us all so soon in September… sigh… sorry dad I let you down on so many things.

One month later, my grandmother passed away…

These two deaths shows me how vulnerable we are as mere mortal.

Let me end this simple blogpost by wishing all of you a happy new year. And I am wishing all of us a better year in 2014. May us grow wealthy, healthy and wiser.