About Me

This time let’s talk about me.

What do you need to know about me?
I am from Miri, a city in Sarawak. In case you don’t know where is Sarawak, it’s in Malaysia.
If you still don’t know, don’t have to trouble yourself and look for it.
I have 5 younger brothers. The next after me is 20 years old, and the youngest is only 3 years old. Well, the last time I saw them was March 2005. I miss them all, especially my youngest brother.
Well, my dad is doing odd jobs. He’s a good father. But he has problem to show his love to us. Maybe that’s why I am like this. I will talk about that next time, if I bother. My mum is a full time house wife. I miss the food that she cook.

My vision in life.
I have a long term vision in my life. I want to build a few online biz, in fact, I am running some now. But, it’s an on and off thing because of my challenging job nature. But, I am in a phase looking for niche markets and marketing techniques that is suitable with me.
I can feel I am almost there. Time will tell. It’s like “Get rich or die trying”.

How exactly I can be here?
I guess it’s some sort of like “A series of unfortunate events”. Things went out of control and I decide to find a new beginning abroad.
And that was when Singapore came into the picture. Or, is it the other way round?
The first 6 months of my life here was tough. I spent days and night pondering and re-evaluating my decision. And thinking of other options.
But I always bear in mind that things will get better. It has to. And I endure.
And things start to turn better after that. I start to feel glad to be here. And I am back on track to be the next young millionaire in Miri. And they’ll call me “The Millionaire Next Door”.

Why am I still here?
I mentioned that the past six months has been the darkest period in my life. So, why do I still right here waiting?
I myself wonder why. But I feel that Singapore is an interesting place to be. It doesn’t mean Miri is nothing. But hey, I have a lot for the past 6 months, and it will be a waste to just runaway after the dark period. Now is the moment I found the enlightenment. So, I guess I should stay another year. And see what will happen. I think TIME is more or less like an invaluable investment.
Time is a prescious asset and I don’t want to fool around.

“Tomorrow will be a better day, let’s make today the best day!”

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About Miri

Let’s talk about my hometown, Miri first…
Although I am in Singapore at the moment and not expecting to go back any sooner, but I am really a village boy at heart.
It’s not that Miri is a small town, in fact, Miri is one of the fastest developing town in Malaysia.
And Miri has been upgraded to Resort City Status last August.
I was in Singapore during that time. But I heard from my girlfriend in Miri that it indeed was a very extravagant event.
What is so special about Miri?
For me, it’s a city that has its own pace. Life in Miri is more laid back.
Old folks, like my grandmother don’t have to worry about not having money to support live.
Because although things are getting expensive, but it doesn’t force them to earn money for living.
At least they don’t have to work for others.
I will talk about that in details next time, if I bother.

I do not have a lot of Singaporean friends.
Well, most of my friends are my colleagues and churchmates.
I don’t have any other people outside of the circle at the moment.
That’s why I don’t know what I should say in details about what’s the difference about lifestyle in Singapore and Miri.
But I know that most of the people here are a little bit hostile.
No offence but I am just telling my honest opinion.

In Singapore, the old folks are encouraged to work even after they retire.
Why is that so?
Well, I am working in a cleaning company, so I sometimes got to interview some old aunties and uncles for their job applications.
Some of them look so weak and I just feel they won’t stay long with the job.
And I am right most of the time.

Let me talk about an uncle that used to work as a driver in our company.
He’s old but very dilligent.
Let’s just call him Uncle Yap.
I personally adore his working style.
But sometimes he push himself too hard.
He passed away last July.
It was a sad event for most of us here.
It feel as if I can relate myself to him even closer than me with my father.
But life has to go on.

How I wish I can show you some nice photos of Miri here.
I will try to do that when I am back in Miri, maybe in the end of January, to celebrate Chinese New Year.
I miss my family and friends.

I guess that’s all for now.
I hope this post will entertain you.
Any comment?

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Update – Uncle Yap… May his soul rest in peace.

Is It Only Me Or What?

Tense and miserable.
That’s the best words to describe me right now.
So many things need to be done..
I don’t even know if I will have time to finish them.
Working in a cleaning company can make you a better person.
What do I mean?
Well, you can learn to do a lot of urgent things in one time.
Interesting, isn’t it?
Suddenly a customer calling in and asking for urgent disaster restoration…
There we go again.

But, that’s just life.
If you learn how to handle problems, you get the money.
Simple, yeah.. At least for my boss, at the moment.
That’s all for now.

Got business to handle.

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Cheque Time

I’m in the office today.
Well, doing the boring job, putting cheque into envelopes..
It’s the beginning of the month, that’s why.
This morning was so busy. I have to keep record of all the machines and chemicals going out.
And there’s so many float cleaners today.
That’s a cleaner’s life.
Always busy…
But people never realise how important cleaners are.
They’re just taken for granted.
Too bad, huh?
I signed up for e-gold account yesterday.
It’s at http://2634369.e-gold.com
Maybe you want to try it out?
it’s interesting.

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Welcome To My Life

This is not my first time blogging, but using blogspot… Yes, this is my 1st time.
Still in the office now.
Finished all the things I need to do, almost.
Gonna knock off in an hour’s time.
Signed-up for paypal today.
Was trying to get something for this christmas. Well, actually it’s a digital camera.
Pay day is coming soon. Can’t wait..
Trying to update my company’s website.
I’m working as an admin assistant in a cleaning company.
Cleaning is a good business in Singapore.
Well, been here for 8 months already.
Set up an online forum for my company too.
Let you know the link when I am done with it.
Anyway, I am joining a church in Pasir Panjang, it’s a Latter-day Saints church.
But more well-known with the name “Mormon church”.
I will talk more about my friends in church later.

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Update on 23 July 2013:

Who would have thought I would convert as a muslim in 2008? 🙂