The New Twitter Interface

I have been using Twitter for quite some time now and a few days ago I realize they’re experimenting with a new interface.

There’s one particular feature that I find interesting with this new design – a search box on top, right next to the Twitter logo. It’s probably Twitter’s strategy to encourage their users to use it. I think it’s a great tool if you want to look for info on a certain hot topic. Their search result is different from what’s being used by Google, Yahoo & Bing because it’s not based on the number of backlinks or content that you have on your landing page or blog.

I think putting up relevant twitter profile based on the keyword that you’re searching for beside it is a clever way to allow visitors to expand their network and connect with fellow twitter user.

I tried searching for information about weight loss on Twitter and as usual, there’s several tweets below the search box containing the keyword that I am searching for. What’s special is, there are 4 different profiles being recommended on the sidebar.

Let’s see if Twitter is going to promote any advertising on their platform and put up text ad on the sidebar soon. Maybe I am wrong but I think that’s going to happen really soon.

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