Help! I Can’t Place Any Trade On EternalFX!

eternalfx-7-5-2013 6-58-10 AM

Do any of you experience any issue to place an entry in EternalFx? Well, I did too.  I contacted one of the IB and he informed me that we need to choose the pair with an extra dot behind it to place an entry. So I did and there’s no problem to place an order ever since.

For those of you who haven’t open an account, you can request for a $10 no deposit bonus from EternalFX and withdraw up to $200 from the profit that you made with them.

For Malaysians, we can deposit and withdraw through the local bank by contacting any of the IB listed on this contact page.

Good luck.


Why is Shisha and ecig Banned in Malaysia?


The health ministry of Malaysian government has banned the ecig as well as shisha, but it was not a good decision and shows that the ban was imposed without performing duly research. Lately there have been more concerns about the youth indulging into the excessive use of Shisha and e-cigarettes. The Malaysian government has proposed steps to nab the rising trend and this has triggered a debate over the issue.

The alternative smoking methods, which include Shisha and e-cigarettes, are gaining popularity in the Malaysian youth along with the conventional cigarette smoking. The government has planned to put a ban on e-cigarettes yet it is inspecting various legal and health related aspects of the sale for Shisha before it concludes upon its ban.

There have been speculations why government is mulling against the ban of the alternative methods of smoking and ignoring the sales of tobacco cigarettes. Many questions have been raised to this decision. It is understood that smoking is injurious to health , be it in any form and its use must be curbed , then why cannot the government takes any firm decision to ban Tobacco cigarettes too?

Many contemplate that the sale of tobacco is in the interest of the government for it brings greater revenues in the form of tax payments. Also, the tobacco industry has its own contribution in the agriculture and economical sectors, it has been a source of employment for many and thus has a significant contribution in GDP and in providing livelihood to many. This can be the key elements to define the governmental policies.

Another powerful determinant is the pressure from the Perlis Fatwa Committee to announce an edict to forbid the sale and smoking of Shisha in the state. So, the government has more obligation to render to this rising demand to consider the devastating health aspects of Shisha. The government has adapted tougher tax regimes, strict measurement and raised the price for the sales of the cigarettes to discourage the consumers from purchasing them. Still it has been unable to curtail the use to an effective extent. The people debate about the freedom of choice to buy tobacco, which is a legal item for sale. As far as Shisha is concerned, the ministry could take a legal action against the use of flavored tobacco In Shisha, but according to law, it cannot take any action against the sale of the canister/ instrument used in the Shisha as it may not contain nicotine and hence it falls outside the legislature.

I am not against the banning of shisha and ecig, but why not ban all forms of active and passive smoking if the Malaysia government is serious about saving our youths from the harmful and addictive habit of smoking.

Get $10 Free No Deposit Bonus From EternalFx


For those of you who are always in the lookout for freebies, and if you happen to be a forex trader, then you’re in for a treat!

There’s a newly launched forex broker and I was lucky to be among the first few to give it a test drive.  You can visit EternalFx and sign up for an account and claim the $10 no deposit bonus that they give away.

All you have to do, is to sign up (please use my link so I can get some commission!)for an account and submit the following details to

  • Your name
  • Email Address
  • Phone number

You will also need to verify your identity by attaching a scanned copy of your identification document.

It’s that simple. You can expect to receive your bonus within the next 24 hours.

You can withdraw up to $200 from the profit if you managed to grow the account without depositing any additional fund into the account.

Some of the features that I find interesting with this broker is, it provides several different trading platforms, which includes, Metatrader 4, browser based platform, phone based trader for android and ipad user.

For Malaysians, you can contact any of the IB listed on this page for deposit and withdrawal purpose.  We can deposit as low as $5 and withdraw as low as $1.

The leverage is available up to 1:500 and it’s a 5 decimal platform. Sign up for an account with EternalFX today and claim your free $10 today.



I should have typed out this post  and thanked last month but I was so damn busy and forgot to do anything about it.

It all happened when I decided to bid for projects and I decided to get an account on I took 2 tests to improve my profile and place bids on several projects.

I finally managed to secure a project and was about to start working on it when the project owner suddenly decides to cancel it and look for another That’s when I realize, it’s ok to cancel a project but there’s no way to cancel the fees!

I freaked out and was furious. I contacted the project owner and demanded an explanation. He responded and told me that he didn’t agree with the pricing and wants to look for other freelancer.

I contacted the support on freelancer and they responded with lots of generic replies saying they will not be able to cancel the fees because it’s deducted the moment I accept the project. I gave up and decided to open an account on several other freelancing portal. But somehow I don’t really like the layout, or the system that they have.

A few days later, I received an email from the support staff saying that they have looked into my issue and gave me a refund for the fees. I was relieved. He also told me that I should clarify everything with any project owner in future and make sure that I ask for milestone payment.

I learned my lesson and will be a lot cautious before I accept any project that was awarded. And thanks a lot for the assistance. You guys rock!

Why Is IKTrust Showing Different Price Compared To Other Broker?


I have been trading forex using Instaforex all this while. I decided to try IKTrust when the IB that I deal with for deposit and withdrawal ( got terminated as part of Instaforex representative office in Malaysia.

I thought I was the only one who noticed this, but a fellow trader uploaded this price comparison picture on facebook and sparked a discussion , I noticed there’s a huge difference between the price that I can get from IKTrust and other broker.

I do not know much about the real market price from major brokerage, but the explanation given by Mr Anuar do makes sense. You can take a look at the video and see for yourself how the price of most MT4 platform are actually marked-up.

You can share your opinion and leave a comment below. Let me know what you think about IKTrust.