Found A New Job, Goodbye IM

Sorry I don’t have much to talk about. Life has been full of another ups and downs again.

I am running out of my own resources to run my own online business and I am experiencing a lot of problems to get paid for the jobs that I’ve already completed and causes a lot of problems to myself, my writers and those who bought / ordered paypal from me. I’ve had enough of all this shit. So I am saying good bye to the Internet Marketing world, at least for the remaining part of this year.

I have finally found a great job here where I can focus on my head on doing things that does not require me to sell or approach people for my salary. I’ll focus on my new job with a local company here during office hour from Monday to Saturday. Everything seems very interesting for me so far as I see there are a lot of opportunities available.

I have suffered two margin call ever since I started trading forex and I noticed both occasions occured due to my poor money management technique.  My daily goal is simple. I just want to make $50 per day from Forex. I have managed to turn $10 into $100 several times with the help of several experienced traders, so I know it is doable.

I’ve learnt several powerful technique from different group of people so I’ll use whichever method that suits the market movement on the particular day.

I think forex trading is a good way to generate a side income because it does not involve anyone else, unlike my previous venture (article writing service), where I have to find writers and in the same time look for new orders from existing / new clients.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll try to update this blog at least once a week, where I’ll probably share more about my forex journey.