Day 18 – Getting Organized

I decided to install a project management system to manage my team of writers, link builders, blog commenters to make sure everyone will respond whenever I send them an email. It should make it easier for me to track the progress of jobs being done and speed things up.

I managed to start 2 AdWords campaign just as I planned yesterday and get about 14k impression for my ads. Not bad considering each click cost me RM0.40 to RM0.50, hehe.

I haven’t start PPC campaign for my CPA campaign yet but I’ll do that tonight once I get a response from my Affiliate Manager.

So what else have I done today?

Installed the ReminderFox plugin to keep track of things and remind myself about things that I need to complete.

What else am I going to do today?

Contact potential customers and close one or two deal. Just closed one small project involving dofollow blog comments earlier, but the rate is quite low. Maybe I’ll complete about 2,000 to 3,500 comments and move on to higher paying projects after that.