My 2 Days Solo Trip To Krabi

I was in KL for a work trip last week and since it was a Gawai holiday week, I decided to have a 2 days solo trip to Krabi during the weekend.

For me, it was a short trip to explore a neighbor country and see if there is anything that I can learn from the travel and tour industry in Thailand and bring it back to Miri. Such a  huge goal, don’t you think? lol.

I went to Krabi by 6.55AM AirAsia flight on Friday morning and reach there by 8.00AM local time. The time in Thailand is +7.00 GMT so they are slower by an hour compared to Miri.


I took a Shuttle bus that cost 150 THB to Ao Nang. It was a memorable ride for me because the driver turn on a funky Thai Raggae song during our 30 minutes ride to my hotel.

I choose to stay at “The Dream Garden” because they have great location and is within walking distance to the beach. The staffs are friendly and very helpful. I was having a problem with a sim card that I bought from 7-Eleven and I was not able to use the data. She ended up accompanying me to Tesco & get the right sim card under AIS prepaid.


I didn’t visit any of the island during this trip since I was alone, so I spend more time hanging out at the Ao Nang beach and do a little sight-seeing. I managed to try the famous coconut ice-cream.

On the 2nd day, I went to the Ao Nang Elephant Farm, Emerald Pool and Hot Spring before checking in to Krabi City View Hotel in Krabi Town.

Emerald Pool and the Hot Spring is about 65km away from Ao Nang beach. The entrance fee to these 2 park is 200 THB each for foreigners.

At night, I went to the Krabi Town night market that is within walking distance from where I stayed and tried some of the local food & bought some souvenirs and T-shirt.

I booked the 8AM flight from Krabi to KLIA and the Thai Customs is very strict, they will need to throw away your aerosol based deodorant & any liquid cosmetic above 100g, which in my case is the sunscreen lotion I brought from previous Sabah trip.

Overall, I think the trip was great & I will definitely come back again to Krabi 🙂


A New Adventure – Blockchain Start-up

I am very excited to let everyone know that I am currently working on a new blockchain start-up project for a peer to peer car rental & ride sharing service.

You can read the white paper on Gitto Project website.

We are scheduled to do a pre-ICO token sale in October. Stay tuned for more updates on the announcement thread. And yes, we are also going to have bounty campaign for the project.


Impian Untuk Menjana Pendapatan Pasif Dengan Forex Trading

Alhamdulillah aku telah berjaya jumpa apa yang aku cari selama ini, iaitu untuk menjana pendapatan pasif dengan Forex trading.
Tapi, masa aku mula-mula berjinak dgn Forex dulu aku tamak la. Dalam otak set nak dapatkan 10% sehari. Boleh baca balik post aku bulan tahun 2012 dulu. Memang susah la sebab aku ni bukannya dapat duduk depan laptop atau menghadap chart sepanjang masa dengan komitmen yg aku ada.
Berikutan kegagalan aku 4 tahun lepas, aku berehat panjang dari merenung forex chart.
Setelah sekian lama, bulan Julai lepas aku tiba-tiba rujuk balik dengan akaun forex yang telah lama aku tinggalkan. Aku tahu mesti ada something yg aku salah buat & menyebabkan aku gagal.
Rupanya, target aku tu besar sangat. Aku kemudiannya tekun mencari robot yang sesuai untuk tujuan trading & untuk memastikan akaun forex ku akan profit secara konsisten.
Kali ini, aku tidak terburu-buru untuk mendapatkan profit 10% sehari & ingin cepat kaya. Aku gunakan demo akaun dan mencuba beberapa robot bagi memastikan poket ku tidak koyak lagi.
Buat masa ini, aku hanya memantau akaun beberapa orang rakan yang mempunyai modal untuk mendapatkan pendapatan pasif melalui forex.
Dulu, aku kemaruk untuk grow akaun dari modal $10 dan menjadikannya $137k dalam masa 100 hari. Kini aku sedar bahawa cita-cita seperti itu amat sukar untuk dicapai, lebih-lebih lagi dengan jadual waktuku yang padat & tahap disiplin ku yang teruk.
Sekarang ini, aku fokus untuk mendapatkan keuntungan dalam lingkungan 7% ke 10% sebulan dengan modal di antara $1k ke $10k.
Mengikut kiraanku, jika 40% dari keuntungan 10% sebulan itu terus dikekalkan di dalam akaun & ianya akan grow sehingga $505k.
Kenapa 40%?
Ye lah, yg 60% lagi tu withdraw la tiap bulan. Tapi kalau nak biarkan semua profit stay dalam akaun pun ok jgk. Lagi masyuk. Tapi aku takkan galakkan la.
So persoalannya sekarang, mana nak dapatkan $10k tu… Semoga urusanku dipermudahkan.
Untuk memudahkan penerangan aku, boleh rujuk gambar di bawah. Perlu diingat, ilustrasi di bawah hanya sekadar teori sahaja & apa-apa risiko hendaklah anda tanggung sendiri.

What To Do In Miri, Sarawak

For most people, Miri, in Sarawak, or better known as the Borneo island is well known as the source of Petroleum. In the past, there were many expats in Miri city as they were working for Shell and Petronas.

Well, just in case if you happen to be in Miri, you probably feel very clueless as to where to go and what to do during your stay here. As someone who was born in Miri, I’ll suggest a few activities that you should try to really feel the experience the local culture.

Some of the activities listed may need you to move around, so you will probably need to look for a reliable car rental service like the one provided by Naiee’s Car Rental as you can’t rely on the public transport here for moving to locations beyond the city center.

1. Try the midin fern.
It’s available in most chinese and some malay restaurants. It’s a fern that is only available in Sarawak and you should try it if you’re into organic food as they grow naturally on jungle and forest throughout Sarawak. The next time you’re ordering your dinner, you should get yourself a plate of midin with shrimp paste.


2. Buy some handicraft
You may want to prepare some money to buy some of the beautiful handmade beadworks and wood carvings done by the orang ulu such as the Penans and the locals here. Each of them have unique design for their artwork depending on its ethnic group origin. Some of the most popular weaving from the Ibans is known as the pua kumbu (covering blanket). This weaving is considered sacred and is believed to be able to connect men with the spiritual world.


3. Picnic at Piasau Camp beach
Miri has a very long shoreline and for the most part of the beach, it is not commercialized. You can spend a few hours strolling around the beach, or even set up a camp and picnic here if you’re an outdoor person. Piasau camp is a gazetted natural reserve to protect the hornbills and various rare birds and mammals species.


4. Visit the night market in Saberkas
You should come here and try some of the food sold in the night market. They are open from Wednesday to Saturday and sell varieties of local cuisines and smoked chicken and fish.


(Updated on 16 November 2015)
5. Visit the Tusan Cliff
This is a relatively new places of Interest in Miri. It was featured in Borneo Post for its “Blue tears” phenomenon. I was there last weekend but unfortunately I didn’t have the right camera to capture the image. You have climb down a small hill to reach the beach.

( Photo by Albert Song)
( Photo by Albert Song)

These are just some of the activities that you can try here to have an actual experience of being in Miri.

Gout Attack

The past two weeks have been pretty bad for me, I had fever, followed by bad cough, and then flu. After everything is fine, I suddenly had a strong pain underneath my leg. I never thought that I am going to get gout.

I had the same pain in my leg twice before but it was gone after a few days and I never thought it was gout.

Before this, I thought gout is a sickness for those who are above 40. I was wrong and learn from the doc that treated me he has treated gout patient as young as 25 yo before this. OMG!

It’s time to take care of what I am eating if I do not want to get attacked by gout again. I am going to avoid high purine food like the anchovy like a plague from now on.

Purpose In Life

Have you ever thought what is your purpose in life?

Well, I do, sometimes. I say sometimes because most of the time I am just too busy pursuing so many things in life, and each of them leads me to different directions. Sometimes I wish I can go back to the beginning and change whatever stupid decisions that I made.

But as a human, we can only move forward. We will never progress if we do not let go of the past.

I will continue to think of what I want to do with my life, while I still have it.

Have a nice day.

Sekadar Update Ringkas

Wah, ternyata sudah begitu lama aku tidak meng-update blog ini.

Maafkan aku kerana aku bukan sengaja membiarkan blog ini terdampar sedemikian rupa. Kadang-kala aku terasa seolah-olah diperhatikan. Aku tidak kisah diperhatikan, tapi jika tujuan pemerhatian itu adalah untuk melihat aku jatuh, adalah lebih baik untuk aku berdiam diri dahulu.

Buat masa ini, alhamdulilah aku ada sebuah pekerjaan tetap yang dapat aku harapkan untuk tujuan membayar komitmen-komitmen penting dalam hidup ini. Ya, aku maksudkan hutang piutang.

Aku teringat suatu ketika dahulu, aku tidak perlukan sebuah pekerjaan tetap seperti ini kerana income ku masuk bagaikan air paip yang mengalir mencurah-curah. Mungkin ada hikmahnya semua ini terjadi. Mungkin Allah sayangkan aku dan tidak ingin aku tersesat terlalu jauh dalam segala cubaan di dalam dunia ini.

Masanya telah tiba untuk aku kuatkan semula semangatku dan membangunkan semula perniagaan online yang aku pernah jalankan dahulu secara part time dulu buat masa ini. Doakan semoga aku berjaya.

Terima kasih & Assalamualaikum.