So It’s The End Of 2010 Already

It feels as if it’s only yesterday we celebrated the day when it turns 2010. There were so many things happening throughout this year and I find this year to be more challenging than the previous years.

It’s been 2 years since I focus all my effort operating my own small business providing online marketing services to entrepreneurs from all around the world to promote their business websites.

There are so so so so many things that I fail to achieve personally and I feel extremely frustrated with the progress of things here right now, but life must go on and I need to make sure everything will work according to plan.

This month has been a crossroad in my life, where I have to make several big decisions, and unfortunately, I think I have made several mistakes along the way.

I will move on and focus on the important things that are essential to improve my website revenue because that’s how I plan to keep the majority of my income coming from in the next few years to come. I also think it’s better to focus on a small group of sites first rather than spend so much money building more than 50 sites and end up selling them for $50 each because they’re not making any money, right?

I think I am going to change my strategy this time and not sell my blogs till they are really making at least $400 per month, that way, I can make at least $4k per blog when I sell them.

I’ll come out a monthly planner tonight and share some of them here with you guys later. And oh, Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it. I’m wishing you a prosperous year ahead.


Looking For Tokay Gecko

Does anyone here have tokay gecko or tokek merah for sale?

Please send me an email to because I have a serious buyer who might be interested in the gecko that you keep. I have been searching for quite some time now. Not much luck yet.

The gecko that you have must be at least 400g. This is a requirement so the reptile can be exported out from any country.

One important thing that you should note is, the gecko must be in good shape and do not have any injury.


It’s December!

Wow, can you believe it’s 1st December already? There are still so many things unaccomplished in my life.

I realized that I have placed too many goals but never actually do the follow-up part. Bad. I’m going to change that though.

I’ll keep it simple this time. One backlink per blog per day. Stick to the plan and I’ll achieve my goal.