I should have typed out this post  and thanked last month but I was so damn busy and forgot to do anything about it.

It all happened when I decided to bid for projects and I decided to get an account on I took 2 tests to improve my profile and place bids on several projects.

I finally managed to secure a project and was about to start working on it when the project owner suddenly decides to cancel it and look for another That’s when I realize, it’s ok to cancel a project but there’s no way to cancel the fees!

I freaked out and was furious. I contacted the project owner and demanded an explanation. He responded and told me that he didn’t agree with the pricing and wants to look for other freelancer.

I contacted the support on freelancer and they responded with lots of generic replies saying they will not be able to cancel the fees because it’s deducted the moment I accept the project. I gave up and decided to open an account on several other freelancing portal. But somehow I don’t really like the layout, or the system that they have.

A few days later, I received an email from the support staff saying that they have looked into my issue and gave me a refund for the fees. I was relieved. He also told me that I should clarify everything with any project owner in future and make sure that I ask for milestone payment.

I learned my lesson and will be a lot cautious before I accept any project that was awarded. And thanks a lot for the assistance. You guys rock!