Dinner at Sembang-Sembang Cafe

I brought my digital camera along this afternoon and I decided to take some pics while we’re strolling around town. Miri town looks different at night time because of the decorative lights across at some of the strategic places around town. My girlfriend, her brother and I drive around town before we go for our dinner.

There is one particular thing that caught my attention. If you’re living in Morsjaya area, you’ll know what I am talking about. There’s this new 1Malaysia landmark standing right next to the seahorses. I think it’s there since the national CNY celebration a few weeks ago. It’ll probably going to stay there for a few more months I guess. We’ll see.

Anyway, three of us had our dinner at the Sembang-sembang cafe. I had a Nasi Paprik Ayam and Three Sour drink. The food only cost RM5 and it was very delicious, but too bad the chicken slices are too small.

To be honest, I don’t mind paying an extra RM1 or RM2 for more chicken. You should try it yourself next time. I think you’ll love it 😉

Here’s some of the pics that I took earlier on.

1Malaysia & 2 Seahorses

1Malaysia & 2Seahorses

Sembang-sembang cafe

You can have your food under the moon if you prefer to use the tables on the sidewalk.

This is the Nasi Paprik Ayam that I’m talking about. RM5 only. Berbaloi-baloi, hehe.