Taming a Tokay Gecko

Tokay gecko is an interesting pet to breed. Unlike other species of gecko, such as the Leopard and Fat-tailed gecko, they’re an aggressive reptile and would rather fight than dropping its tail.

It will try to bite its enemy when attacked. So you will need to be very careful if you decide to touch it without wearing gloves. For safety precaution, it’s better if you wear a pair of welding gloves to handle it because it might bite you really hard.

A Tokay gecko will feel highly stressed when it’s switched to a new place. So you might want to leave it alone in its terrarium until it feels comfortable with its new surroundings. Let it feel relaxed and eat the food that you prepared for it. You can feed it with crickets as its main diet and a few super worms occasionally.

After it is ready, you should spend about 20 to 30 minutes a day handling it every day. Make sure you get a pair of heavy-duty welding gloves to protect your hand. It will take time to tame it, so you need to be patient with your new pet. Good luck!