February Already?!

So far I have managed to pay several people already and I hope I can pay everyone else before the end of March.

It’s been 8 months since I wrote that down. I am more determined than ever to achieve my goal this time.

I was distracted with several projects last month and right now I am going to continue with the niche blog project, I will keep 10 of them for myself and the plan is to build another 40 blogs per month for sale. That should bring in at least $6,250 (RM20k) per month.

I’ll update this blog with what’s going on with the niche blogs. So stay tuned. For the record, I have 6 of them so far.

I also found an old blog on friendster. LOL. It’s quite old. I’ll probably update that blog as well. For something more general. You can read that blog here – Chen Chee Kui.