Day 16

I should have updated this blog more often but I was so busy with so many things in life and wasn’t able to update this blog as frequent as I promised. I am trying to get back the momentum and post here again so you’ll know what’s going on with me right now.

I have selected 2 CPA offers to promote on Google AdWords. I won’t reveal the exact offer and which company that I am using but both of them are paying $35 – $44 per lead that completed the sign up process.

I am going to target 100 leads per month for both offers, so that will net me about $4k per month. 100 leads per month equals to about 3 to 4 sign up per day. Not that hard when you think that you’re helping 3 to 4 people to solve their problems every day.

I am still looking for  a good popup that can stop my website visitors to think about my offer again for a few seconds and see what they’re about to miss if they don’t grab the offer from my site. Still couldn’t find a good one yet… Anyone have any recommendation?

That’s about it for today. I’ll keep you guys updated again tomorrow.