A Challenge To Myself

I lost track of the things that I do online and I think it’s a good time to reorganize everything and keep track of how much income and expenses.

This is going to be something really important because I need to find a way to get rid of my debts. It is impossible to move ahead when I have so things pulling me back.

I wish I can make at least $1,000 per day without any problem. Providing SEO service can be lucrative but it is daunting, especially when I do the job all by myself. I am going to hire people and this time I need to be better at management or else I’ll have to blame myself for any of the consequences.

I did plan to apply for the government grant but I still haven’t do anything to get it yet…

People said, we should give ourselves a challenge that equals at least 3 times of what we are able to do at the moment, so I’ll give myself a challenge of earning at least $6k per month. That means I need to make at least $200 per day. It shouldn’t be that hard if I can get myself disciplined and follow up and complete any order professionally.

So, with that being said, today will be the day I am challenging myself to earn $6k per month.

Reason: To clear my debts, to add more passive income streams

I am planning to promote something that will pay me by the end of the month so that I will not spend all that money without me knowing it.

Good luck to me.


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