About Me

This time let’s talk about me.

What do you need to know about me?
I am from Miri, a city in Sarawak. In case you don’t know where is Sarawak, it’s in Malaysia.
If you still don’t know, don’t have to trouble yourself and look for it.
I have 5 younger brothers. The next after me is 20 years old, and the youngest is only 3 years old. Well, the last time I saw them was March 2005. I miss them all, especially my youngest brother.
Well, my dad is doing odd jobs. He’s a good father. But he has problem to show his love to us. Maybe that’s why I am like this. I will talk about that next time, if I bother. My mum is a full time house wife. I miss the food that she cook.

My vision in life.
I have a long term vision in my life. I want to build a few online biz, in fact, I am running some now. But, it’s an on and off thing because of my challenging job nature. But, I am in a phase looking for niche markets and marketing techniques that is suitable with me.
I can feel I am almost there. Time will tell. It’s like “Get rich or die trying”.

How exactly I can be here?
I guess it’s some sort of like “A series of unfortunate events”. Things went out of control and I decide to find a new beginning abroad.
And that was when Singapore came into the picture. Or, is it the other way round?
The first 6 months of my life here was tough. I spent days and night pondering and re-evaluating my decision. And thinking of other options.
But I always bear in mind that things will get better. It has to. And I endure.
And things start to turn better after that. I start to feel glad to be here. And I am back on track to be the next young millionaire in Miri. And they’ll call me “The Millionaire Next Door”.

Why am I still here?
I mentioned that the past six months has been the darkest period in my life. So, why do I still right here waiting?
I myself wonder why. But I feel that Singapore is an interesting place to be. It doesn’t mean Miri is nothing. But hey, I have a lot for the past 6 months, and it will be a waste to just runaway after the dark period. Now is the moment I found the enlightenment. So, I guess I should stay another year. And see what will happen. I think TIME is more or less like an invaluable investment.
Time is a prescious asset and I don’t want to fool around.

“Tomorrow will be a better day, let’s make today the best day!”

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