Welcome To My Life

This is not my first time blogging, but using blogspot… Yes, this is my 1st time.
Still in the office now.
Finished all the things I need to do, almost.
Gonna knock off in an hour’s time.
Signed-up for paypal today.
Was trying to get something for this christmas. Well, actually it’s a digital camera.
Pay day is coming soon. Can’t wait..
Trying to update my company’s website.
I’m working as an admin assistant in a cleaning company.
Cleaning is a good business in Singapore.
Well, been here for 8 months already.
Set up an online forum for my company too.
Let you know the link when I am done with it.
Anyway, I am joining a church in Pasir Panjang, it’s a Latter-day Saints church.
But more well-known with the name “Mormon church”.
I will talk more about my friends in church later.

Source – miriguy

Update on 23 July 2013:

Who would have thought I would convert as a muslim in 2008? 🙂